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New London Fabrication now open for business!

Seeking to expand his company's fabrication and manufacturing capabilities, Ben Besaw, current owner of Waupaca MetalFab, purchased Nuemetal in June of 2020 in order to launch his latest venture, New London Fabrication, LLC.

New London Fabrication was founded with a very specific goal, to provide manufacturing support through strategic partnerships. It is Ben's philosophy that growth is best obtained through the formation of strong partnerships, and New London Fabrication treats each customer's project as if it were their own. This means that every project, every process, and every part is managed and overseen by New London Fabrication's skilled workforce, who have and will always put quality and customer satisfaction above all else.

More than just a manufacturer, New London Fabrication offers full service project management enables complete oversight of the production process from concept development to fabrication, production scaling, finishing, assembly, delivery, and even logistical considerations. Coupled with New London's state of the art production management software and modern equipment, this top down approach allows New London Fabrication to provide the highest levels of quality and precision at peak efficiency, ensuring maximum profitability though cost reduction and production control.

To learn more about New London Fabrication's capabilities, get a quote or schedule a consultation contact them at:
Phone: (920) 398-2020

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